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A Soccer Commentary - Now Available

A Rainbow World Cup 2014

Brazil 2014 Video coming soon.



Against the backdrop of this football extravaganza, fully exposed to a global audience, it delves into the relevant stories, daily issues and many of the spontaneous moments offering an intriguing and personal insight into the true love, fun and excitement of being at a World Cup. Aiming to be both dynamic (fast edited & furiously paced) and visually spectacular it will recount, re-live and show the true spirit of it all creating a long lasting visual image of the carnival atmosphere in South America's biggest and most populous nation.

At locations across this vast country, half of the appointed dozen, Ian Cesay, the host and director will be on hand to give a real behind the scenes insight capturing the romance, visual excitement, the beautiful sights, sounds, drama, despair and joy surrounding this massive worldwide sporting event. The desired effect will achieved through combining in-depth interviews - with 4-6 people at various stages throughout the tournament.

The documentary will look at how the big spectacle impacts on the fascinating local diverse community, it will be a celebration of their culture in its entirety, their everyday lives, gauging their feelings, reactions and personal views. This not forgetting the travelling foreign nationals who will play their own part in making it an occasion to remember as they interact amongst one another and with the locals making new friends. It certainly promised to be a true mix of all the emotions possible. In order to have a maximum impact it is scheduled to be broadcast soon after the finals, if not before its conclusion.